Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry for being such a bad blog friend. The past week, i've been very crooked, and having alot of cramping, Not sure if its associated with the Merena or not. I've already told blair, if it doesn't stop by July 18th when i see my gyn, it's comming on.

Nothing really new to update. We decided not to get the van afterall. we only got approved for so much, and a brnad new van is 32,000, so we would have to get used.. and the one I wanted was out of our price range. When your on Maternity (not sure if i mentioned it yet.) your income doesn't qualify towards the financing, (only your credit score.) so where blair's income is so all over the place, it kinda screwed us. We decided to wait for Febuary, for me to get back to work. and then we are going to go to Terra Nova and buy a brand new van. I was a bit hastey on buying used anyways, cause you really don't know.. People usually trade in vehicles sometimes, cause they are having problems with it, or whatnot. and my luck, we will get one of those ones where the vehicle was not treated good.

on top of everything, i'm dying with the flu. and we all know, Your children doesn't stop when your not feeling well.. and i'm so lucky to be home with them all day, and blair having to work a 12 hour shift when i need him the most, so i could get some sleep. Brady has been up a lot the past few nights as well, so i'm not getting my full night sleep, like i usually do. I feel like crap.
I've gone thru one of those travellers hand santizers, in two days. I really am trying to prevent claire and brady from getting sick, as well i'm stopping from going ANYWHERE. i hate passing on the flu, and this is probably why we all get sick so much, because alot of people don't stay home, they still go to the grocery stores, malls, etc. I know, i've been guilty of it before, but it would do so much good, we were able to stay home when we were sick, but sick time at work, etc doesn't always help us.

Anwyays, kraft dinner is on the stove.. i'm so tired and drainned that i got no energy to really prepare something good.. I cooked Chicken Breast for dinner, so i put extra on the stove then for blair, so when he gets home tonight he'll have a supper anyways.

Quote to end the day :

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Friday, May 22, 2009

welll.. that sucks.

Maybe i shouldn't ever had mention it, Nor should I haven't got excited about it, since in all reality, Me being on Maternity, and Blair' only working at his job,less than a year none the less a "Casual On Call." that this wouldn't be a good idea. But, we found out we could bring back our lease, early.. and get a new vehicle. so we decided to grab at it, and found a great van, that i FELL in love with. Blair, went thru the whole application first. The bank approved him, although you have to get employment letter to prove you work where you say you do, at least this is what they wanted where he is a casual.. and i knew right down under since we had this problem before.. When we applyed for the mortgage, They had a HUGE issue with me working as a "CASUAL" under two years.. Usually anything after two years, they find it a conreate employment... but blair is only gonna be there a year, next month. so duh duh donnnnnnnnnn... anyways, sends that all off.. well. came back they needed my name, and i knew i had too much on my name, for the income im' getting now. (hear me complain about the 45% pay cut now.) so with the mortgage, credit cards, and student loan...duh duh donnnnnnnnnnn.. anyways, There still might be a chance buddy can do something since we have good payments with our lease.. But.... i'm not holding my breathe..

next year i'll be back to work FULL TIME, so we can get the van then. but its a sure bummer on what athing to do, to spoil my weekend. urrrrrrrrggg..
and This weekend...
I'm going to my friend's fantasia, getting super drunk, going home to bed without kids..sleep in.. go pick up kids.. then tomorrow night I am having a "girls night out" with the NLMOMS. Can't wait.

Anyways thats about it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Payday, Broke tomorrow!!!

Yes, Thats what it always is. When come payday, I'll sit down. and straigthen away some bills, pay them, and see whats left to spend. I love going shopping --even if its grocery shopping. From now on though, its going to be strict saving. I've even picked up a babysitting job, for 25.00/day. this money, is strickly being put away each week, to a bank account, that I will not have the BANK CARD, i will just go in there every friday, deposit the money into the account, and forget about it. I wonder, if the bank could but a hold on it, like Not allowed to withdrawl anything, till a certain date. Meh.. At least i have the account that way, i'm happy. I didn't even do it with my bank, i just went to another bank and did it, so i could not see any of the money on my Online Banking. If i see the money, i'll spend it. Don't see it, no worrys! We decided on going to DR this upcomming april. its a year away, but certainly something to look forward to.

Another good thing thats happening in my life. is we are finally getting rid of our car. Yes, we had a g5 Pontaic Pursuit.. great little car - not so great with two children. way to small!! The trunk to get a stroller in there, you have to twist and turn. I hate that. I've been saying even when we just had claire, "I wish i had a van, Wish i had a van".. welll. guesss who will have one in the next few days?!?! Moi :) I got my wish. Its red, and its a year old. but low km's. and its a short box one.. I really didn't want the long box!!! Here is a picture, OF THE EXACT VAN.

thats the van , we are getting. so excited for it.

Tomorrow, is my sister's graduation. She is getting her Dimploa. This girl, went a whole year, going to school 8-2, working 2:30pm-1:30am, going home and then getting up at 6:30 for school again. i don't know how she did it, but she did it. now she got a diploma, and hopefully be able to get a business up and running in a few short years, experience she needs to get but in time, she'll be great at it. Me, Blair, Claire and Brady will be there Cheering her on.

thats about it, though... Ill update again tomorrow.